Infinitum Life

Journey into Depth. Join a Hub.

Infinitum is what we do to make followers of Jesus

It's not a program or a class. It's a way of life that we share whether we are gathered or scattered. We meet in small groups called hubs for accountability, support and encouragement each week. You're not fully loved until you're fully known.

Infinitum is built around three simple foundations: 

Follow: Jesus | Love: God and People | Live: Surrender, Generosity and Mission

The Infinitum Rhythm follows the simple patterns of life:

Connection daily. Conversation weekly. Conference monthly.

We believe that Infinitum hubs provide a great opportunity to journey into the depth that God has called you to. We connect with God daily, meet in hubs each week for conversation and gather each month as a community of communities to share as part of the movement.

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