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Brave Circles

Join our 10-Month Mentorship Program!

What is Brave Circles?

Brave Circles is a ten-month mentorship program for girls ages 12-15. Brave Circles exists to see teenage girls empowered and equipped to develop their character through stable and healthy relationships with their mentors and peers.

The program consists of 3 main components:

1. Mentor/Mentee Meetings

Mentors and mentees meet 1-on-1 at least two times a month to:

  • Plan and do recreational activities together (i.e. hiking, movies, coffee, etc.)
  • Plan and do life-skill building activities together (i.e. budgeting, cooking, laundry, etc)
  • Set and work towards accomplishing goals

2. Mentors/Mentees Gatherings

Mentors and mentees meet together bi-monthly to share a meal, learn fun new skills, and complete other activities together. These gatherings are held to teach the following:

  • Fun recreational activities (painting, make-up, beading, etc.)
  • Health (eating, exercise, mental health, etc.)
  • Interpersonal skills (communication, healthy boundaries, etc.)
  • Other life skills (time management, resumes, cooking, etc.)

3. Mentor Training and Support Session

Mentors gather bi-monthly together for:

  • Peer support (share experiences, connect, encourage, etc.)
  • Education and skill development (goal setting, cultural humility, active listening, etc.) 
Meet one of our mentees and mentors: Sarah and Faith!

Ways to Get Involved

Volunteer as a mentor

  • Meet with a mentee at least twice a month 
  • Attend a monthly gathering
  • Ten-month commitment required, around 6-8 hrs each month
  • To become a mentor, please first fill out the application at the bottom of this page

volunteer at the BI-MONTHLY GATHERINGS

There are many ways you can get involved:

  • Lead a workshop and teach the participants a new skill/something you are passionate about (ex. calligraphy, pottery, baking, etc.) 
  • Help with set-up, clean-up, or food preparation
  • No time requirement. You can help with as many bi-monthly gatherings as you want

Volunteer as the Program administrator

  • Receive and mange all documentation
  • Process receipts for reimbursement and honorariums
  • Ten-month commitment required, around 3-5 hrs each month 


  • Pray that the mentees experience God’s love, transformation, belonging, community, and that their needs are met
  • Pray that mentors would have wisdom, discernment, empathy and kindness in their mentoring relationships. Pray that they would be a transforming influence in the lives of these girls
  • Pray that the right mentors and mentees would be paired together
  • Pray for donations and the right community connections to be made

make a recommendation

  • If you know people who would be a good fit for the program (mentor, mentee, other volunteering) please recommend the program to them. 

Apply for Brave Circles

To get involved with Brave Circles as a mentor or mentee, fill out the application below and email your completed application to

Contact Us

If you want to chat more about Brave and discuss how you could get involved, please fill out a contact form by clicking the button below.

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